Thursday, 6 May 2010

Blondes with blue eyes should copy Cameron Diaz

Blondes with blue eyes should copy Cameron Diaz
Blonde-haired and blue-eyed ladies should look to Cameron Diaz for inspiration when using natural makeup.

The actress keeps her look simple, opting for a natural glow, and the Daily Mail's Kate Melhuish writes that this is a good look for fair-haired women to go for.

She recommended using a dewy foundation, like Ms Diaz does, and combining this with soft peach blusher or bronzer.

'Use lots of mascara to bring out the eye colour,' Ms Melhuish advised.

'Blondes can play with lip colour, but make sure you use a great lip base,' she added.

Ms Diaz tends to vary between soft pink shades and strong reds when she wants to go for a bolder look, so you may want to buy natural lipstick in these hues.

Celebrity makeup artist and Pearl Drops spokesperson Ariane Poole recently recommended using a bright natural lipstick to make sure you mouth is the centre of attention and enhance your smile.

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