Friday, 21 May 2010

Experiment with different long hair styles

Experiment with different long hair styles
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Tony Milner

It is easy to let long hair get the better of you, tying it back every day because it is too difficult to come up with different ideas that will not take the whole morning to complete.

According to Cosmopolitan, there is a range of styles that will require minimal natural hair styling and will be guaranteed to attract envious looks from friends and work colleagues.

Loose curls seems to be a look celebs such as Eva Longoria Parker and Salma Hayek are testing out and, according to the site, a little natural hair care will add 'vintage glamour'.

Add a deep side parting to straight hair, pulling the hair across the forehead and twisting the curls using straighteners or tongs.

This look can be made more edgy with a thick full-bodied fringe or for a sleek straight option, ensuring the hair is thoroughly smooth, creating a deep side parting, sweeping the hair back into a ponytail and tying to one side to create the 'style du jour'.

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