Friday, 21 May 2010

How to apply natural beauty products

How to apply natural beauty products
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Allison Paquette

With the sheer amount of natural makeup on the market, most women have decided on their favourite or must-have products, but knowing how to apply them is another kettle of fish.

This is where Bruce Grayson, makeup artist to the stars, who has worked on America's Next Top Model and the Academy Awards, comes in with some tips on how best to apply natural cosmetics without having to smother your face in concealer.

Speaking to ahlanlive, he explained that light is the single-most important thing when applying makeup and the key is to ensure your face is turned towards it when you begin.

'You should be able to see where the shadows and highlights hit which is perfect for creating a base to apply make-up. Try to use great lighting – it's not always possible but it definitely helps,' he said.

Mr Grayson added that little things, like learning your strong facial points and the best look for you are small but important tactics.

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