Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Invest in natural cosmetics for the smokey eye look

Invest in natural cosmetics for the smokey eye look
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Felicia Cardinal

Smokey eyes are a trend every woman aspires to master, but the stakes are even higher this year, with new variations of the look being showcased for summer by Stylist magazine.

Don't panic yet, the variations are only with colour, not technique, and it is relatively simple to get to grips with, as certain eye colours suit certain shades.

According to Stylist's beauty director, Emma Smith, emerald green eyes suit purples and lilacs, a colour which has been all over the catwalks so far and with a touch of grey this will 'create a deeper green'.

Brown eyes are best suited to the smokey eye look, so as with the old trend, stick with blacks, greys and silvers with a hint of the metallic and splashes of blue to liven things up.

For blue eyes, Ms Smith says as they are dramatically affected by light, rich coppery bronze and brown shades 'give a beautiful pop of colour'.

Women lucky enough to have grey eyes are advised to go for greens, heading towards the deeper greens and some turquoise or deep blues.

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