Monday, 10 May 2010

Jake Gyllenhaal: Shampooing is secret to looking good

Jake Gyllenhaal: Shampooing is secret to looking good
Posted by Allison Paquette

Jake Gyllenhaal has revealed that his natural hair care regime helped him to beef up for his role in new Disney film Prince of Persia.

Speaking to the Metro at the premiere of the movie at Westfield Shopping Centre in London, he explained that growing his hair long for the action man role took six months.

He sported a muscle-bound physique in the film, which he said was in part created by the strenuous natural hair care regime that he had to go through to look after her long locks.

The actor joked that the vigorous scrubbing and rubbing of the scalp with shampoo and conditioner developed his muscles.

'That really worked the bicep area and if you really focus on your core while you are doing it, your abs get totally ripped up,' he told the newspaper.

The actor was joined on the red carpet by co-star Gemma Arterton, who once again proved herself to be a natural beauty with toned down makeup which was accented by statement red lips.

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