Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Look to celebrities for best natural makeup for complexion

Look to celebrities for best natural makeup for complexion
When it comes to buying natural makeup, you need to know what is best for your complexion and looking to celebrities is a good way to work this out.

Kate Melhuish, writing for the Daily Mail, said that pale skinned women with red hair should follow stars like Nicole Kidman, who makes the most of her porcelain features.

She advised that you keep it simple with natural makeup like the Australian actress, whose signature look is a winged eye.

Ms Melhuish said that you should use a liquid eyeliner for this effect, combined with black mascara which darkens fair lashes and brings out the eyes.

She also recommended applying a pale pink blusher on the cheeks.

'Go bold with lipstick - red and deep pink shades work well,' Ms Melhuish added.

Nicole Kidman is known for being a red-haired beauty and Sue Moxley, writing for the Sun, recently advised that women go for a natural makeup look with auburn tresses.

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