Monday, 24 May 2010

Michelle Obama: Natural hair styling faux-pas?

Michelle Obama: Natural hair styling faux-pas?
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Felicia Cardinal

Michelle Obama is well known for being at the forefront of fashion, making wearing the evening dress somewhat of an art since her husband took office in the White House.

However, her latest look, which she unveiled at the White House state dinner last week, was labelled a natural hair styling disaster, in which her curls did nothing to salvage.

The outfit itself was a blue one-shouldered dress, silver and blue earrings with glittery eyeshadow and a head of tight curls, and although it may not sound too offensive, was shunned by blogger Bonnie Fuller.

Ms Fuller, who writes the Hollywood Life celebrity blog, said the outfit was reminiscent of a junior prom; the hair was unflattering and 'over-curled'.

'I mean seriously, Michelle, what's up with the glittery blue shadow that perfectly matches your also shimmery dress? It just looks tacky,' she stated in the blog.

The ankle-length dress was electric blue, with a silver waist belt to accentuate her figure and silver open toe sandals.

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