Thursday, 13 May 2010

Natural hair styling hits St Tropez

Natural hair styling hits St Tropez
Posted by Annie Coyne

Natural hair styling has made it's way over to St Tropez, with the likes of Diane Kruger opting for a messy dressy effect at Karl Lagerfeld's Chanel 2011 Cruise collection.

Ms Kruger went for a relaxed side plait tied with a ribbon and topped with a stylish hat. Karoline Kurkova also opted for a dressed down style with beachy waves and, again, a hat.

Beachy waves and dressed down curls are right on trend at the moment, with stars like Jessica Alba and Cheryl Cole also opting for the natural look recently.

Allure magazine said that these relaxed styles are easy to pull off at home, which is good news for all you ladies who love natural hair styling.

'For Kruger's look, rumple a loose side plait by widening its loops with your fingertips,' the magazine recommended.

It advised using natural hair styling products designed for creating curls for Ms Kurkova's look, recommending that you run the formula through damp locks and let them air dry.

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