Monday, 17 May 2010

Palette by Nature hair dyes 'worked better than expected'

Palette by Nature hair dyes
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Maggie Morley

After dabbling with the Logonanatural hair dyes, one woman decided to embrace the latest summer trend of block hair colour by testing new product Palette by Nature hair dyes and was thrilled with the results.

On her introduction to the product, writing for The Nature of Beauty Blog, she explained that on previous experience she and some of her customers have had to empty almost two boxes to obtain the desired look, but this time it was different.

She asserted that the results from the dye were so much better than the 'toxic-filled nastiness' that she had used before and, as a result, she will never be tempted to use anything else.

'I'm absolutely loving the results. My hair looks great, it feels great, the colour is even and rich and the grey is nearly 100 per cent gone. To be perfectly honest, it worked way better than I expected,' the Nature of Beauty blogger said.

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