Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Radiant skin from head to toe 'key to natural beauty'

Radiant skin from head to toe
The key to natural beauty is healthy-looking, radiant skin from top to toe, according to TV presenter Tess Daly.

As a primetime favourite, the Strictly Come Dancing host knows a thing or two about looking good and she confesses in her column for the Mirror that she is a 'full-blown beauty junkie'.

She suggested that you should be aiming for sexy, sun-kissed skin this summer, but should use natural body care products to achieve this.

'Smart girls know to avoid long-term sun damage to the skin and fake it not bake it,' Ms Daly said.

She recommended using a natural, light daily self-tanning cream, although not until you have buffed and moisturised.

'Use a damp cloth to rub over knees, ankles and palms to avoid any tell-tale tan patches,' Ms Daly added.

Beauty expert Jeanine Downie recently told Elle magazine that a daily exfoliating cleanser is also vital for getting gorgeous skin for summer.

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