Friday, 14 May 2010

Rebecca Adlington loves trend-setting nail polish

Rebecca Adlington loves trend-setting nail polish
Posted by Annie Coyne

Nail varnish is the best way to follow the latest trends at little cost, according to Olympics gold medal-winning swimmer Rebecca Adlington.

The British sports star is known for her love of fashion out of the water, famously revealing that her mum had promised her a new pair of shoes if she won a gold medal at the Beijing Olympics. She went on to win two and set a new world record.

Ms Adlington told the Guardian that investing in natural beauty products like nail varnish is one of her top tips for keeping up with the latest trends.

'You can wear a fashionable colour, such as purple, without spending a fortune on a whole new wardrobe. Plus, when purple goes out of fashion you can remove it easily,' she explained to the newspaper.

The comment proves just what good fashion sense the Olympic champion has, since Vogue magazine recently reported that purple is reigning in the style world at the moment.

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