Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Use lighter foundation for natural makeup look for summer

Use lighter foundation for natural makeup look for summer
A lighter foundation or tinted moisturiser is vital for summer, as you want to go for a more natural makeup look that suits the season.

Beauty columnist Jane Cullen, writing for the Daily Telegraph, said that you don't want to be using a heavy formula for the warmer months, but you probably still want to use a product that will even out skin tone.

'The solution is tinted moisturisers and medium-based foundations,' she explained.

'Lighter, and often runnier, these enhance the appearance of the skin rather than cover any spots, marks, and dark circles.'

Ms Cullen recommended that you wear moisturiser underneath your natural makeup if your skin is dry and needs extra hydration, although you must allow it to dry before applying your foundation substitute.

Another important part of your preparing complexion for summer is to use a facial scrub to slough away dead skin cells and leave a beautifully smooth finish, according to Beauty expert Jeanine Downie, who recommended the treatment to Elle magazine.

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