Monday, 24 May 2010

Use natural beauty products to create a younger-looking you

Use natural beauty products to create a younger-looking you
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Maggie Morley

Younger-looking skin is something almost all women are desperate to achieve, irrespective of age it seems, and expert Cyvia Lewis has given some tips on how to use natural beauty products to an advantage.

The celebrity makeup artist told Modern Mom that three of the most basic and overlooked rules include moisturising twice a day, getting a good night's sleep and smiling, which is natural body care at its easiest.

However, she explained that there are tips on makeup application that can help mask the effects of ageing, such as using a creamy blusher to hide dry skin and curling eyelashes before applying mascara.

Eyelash curlers have been said to be an instant eye lift and to further accentuate them ensure eyebrows are groomed to perfection.

For lips she recommended: 'Use creamier lipsticks, avoiding matte lipstick as they tend to be dry and settle into your lip lines. If you don't wear lipstick try a tinted lip balm or gloss.'

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