Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Use natural cosmetics to create 'less is more' look

Use natural cosmetics to create
Posted by Allison Paquette

'Less is more' is a saying often applied to beauty and fashion, but quite often it is difficult to decipher what constitutes as toning down your makeup.

Collier Strong, the resident make-up artist on Project Runway, shed some light when speaking to Las Vegas Weekly, explaining that foundations are often the product that can make a look too heavy, but can easily be substituted with other natural beauty products.

The celeb's right-hand man has worked on numerous episodes of Project Runway, films Analyze This and Romy and Michele's High School Reunion as well as A-list celebrities Eva Longoria and Kate Beckinsdale.

'The least amount of product ultimately on your skin is best,' he advised.

'At the [runway] shows all the makeup is really played down. It looks like the models have done it themselves.'

He also recommended for a lighter look for women to opt for a powder rather than a liquid or a cream foundation and to ensure skin is always hydrated.

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