Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Use natural hair care to create the dishevelled look

Use natural hair care to create the dishevelled look
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Felicia Cardinal

The latest hair trend to grace the catwalks and magazines that can easily be creating using natural hair products is the dishevelled look.

According to ASOS, it is all about being tousled to perfection, giving off the impression that you've hardly run your fingers through your hair rather than spending hours creating those loose curls.

The slept-on chignon and the falling out fishtail are two of the styles listed as favourites in the magazine and hairstylist Richard Scorer gives tips on how to create them.

The fishtail is similar to the side plait that seems to be taking over the tresses of many celebs, including Amanda Seyfried and Thandie Newton, and Mr Scorer recommends a hair styling mousse as a must-have.

The next step is to backcomb the crown area halfway down the hair and to begin plaiting, finishing up with some hair spray and a bobble to secure the ends.

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