Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Use red lipstick 'to enhance natural beauty'

Use red lipstick
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Allison Paquette

Red lipstick is an eternal beauty trend favourite amongst almost all women and, despite our brief flings with other lipstick shades, red is always guaranteed to be in the makeup bag.

However, it can be difficult to achieve the look, whether it's the right shade, preventing the colour from bleeding or getting the lip liner that matches perfectly, for something which looks so beautifully simple, it's tough.

For Stylist's beauty director, Emma Smith, the first thing to check off the list is keeping all other makeup to a minimum and using a lip brush for application, starting with the top lip and finishing with a liner.

'A good lipstick shouldn't transfer too much onto the tissue. If your lips tend to be dry, put a little clear lip balm on top to really bring them to life,' she recommends.

Red lips are also favoured by all of our style icons, from Marilyn Monroe to modern day beauties Dita Von Teese and Christina Aguilera.

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