Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Avoid slippage with natural cosmetics

Avoid slippage with natural cosmetics
Posted by Allison Paquette

When the summer months are upon us and the heat is glaring down on you, it is hard to know what to do for the best when it comes to natural makeup.

It is tempting to stick to the same coverage as for winter, but many women across the country will suffer a makeup meltdown – when all their hard work slips away, leaving their faces bare and makeup-less.

Kimara Ahnert, a makeup artist to stars such as Brooke Shields, Catherine Zeta Jones and Christie Brinkley, speaking to Access Hollywood, recommends waterproof mascaras, cream based blush and oil-free products for the face.

'If you are determined to get full coverage out of your summer makeup, look for oil-free foundations and concealers. Oil-free products are noncomedogenic so they won't clog pores and are safe for sensitive skin. Use a dampened sponge for easier application,' she said to the news provider.

Of course, another option for women debating as to what coverage to opt for is to go makeup free, simply opting for blusher and a vibrant lipstick.

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