Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Celeb's holiday natural makeup approaches

When you get on holiday it's easy to spot the different organic makeup tactics women use on the beach, whether it's a full face of makeup, bare skin or somewhere in between.

What was interesting to see recently in the news was reality TV star Kim Kardashian happily frolicking in Miami with absolutely no makeup on, and at the same do, (it was their stylist's bachelorette party) Christina Aguilera donned what looked like the full works.

Admittedly they looked gorgeous in their own way, but both took very different approaches to their natural makeup while on the getaway.

Christina looked fab with her staple bright red lipstick (which she admits is the first thing she puts on in a morning), pink rosy cheeks and lashings of mascara and eyeliner under a very stylish tribly hat.

Kim sported no makeup, big sunglasses and a leopard print bikini and looked refreshingly bare.

At least if you feel the need to still cover your face with natural makeup when on the beach, you'll know you're following in the footsteps of a style icon.

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