Monday, 21 June 2010

Choose natural hair dye colours wisely

Choose natural hair dye colours wisely
Posted by Alison Paquette

Summer is the time many women consider to be perfect for a complete hairstyle or natural hair dye shade revamp.

A dramatic hair colour is usually the top way to give yourself a makeover, but women considering turning to the natural hair dye bottle should ensure they opt for the right colour.

Tess Daly's hair stylist, however, suggested to Hello magazine that women should select a colour that works well with their skin tone and one that does not venture too far away from the colour that they are used to.

'Colouring with confidence is about hair colour that looks natural – so you don't want to jump too many shades lighter,' Jonathan Duffy recommended to the news provider.

'Two or three shades, within the same tonal range (ie ash or goldens) is a good general guide.'

Katie Holmes recently stepped out to a film premiere with glossy brunette locks, shaped into smooth waves, a look which many women will consider recreating.

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