Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Get Kate Bosworth's natural makeup look

Get Kate Bosworth
Posted by Annie Coyne

Actress Kate Bosworth caused a stir with her natural makeup when she turned up at the True Blood premiere last week sporting a gorgeous and unique black dress.

According to the Stylelist blog, Bosworth was rocking the golden goddess look and pulled it off to a tee, with her healthy tanned skin and the luminous glow that seemed to radiate from her.

Her make-up artist, Kate Lee, said she created the look by moisturising well and adding a hint of foundation to even out the skin tone and alleviate any dark patches.

The next step is to define the brows with a brown pencil and the eyes with black liquid liner on the tops of the lids over a matte peach eye shadow, which adds depth to the nude natural makeup look.

'Lee finished the look with a sweep of bronzer on cheekbones, temples and down the bridge of her nose, then painted lips with a peachy nude lipstick,' the blog asserted.

Peaches and creams are all the rage at the moment, with the nude look being worn by the majority of A-listers.

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