Thursday, 17 June 2010

Go fresh-faced with natural makeup

Go fresh-faced with natural makeup
Jessica Alba is a natural makeup queen – whatever she wears she seems to look flawless, irrespective of how little coverage she opts for.

According to blog Zimbio, the star spends less time on her makeup since she had her daughter, and she can now manage to transform herself in a matter of minutes using three to four products.

Her tips and tricks are as follows; pick natural makeup that can be applied with fingertips, so there's no need to possess a variety of brushes or sponges.

Stick to neutral hues such as nudes, which will work with any outfit and add some sparkle with dark mascara, in a shade just a touch darker than your own lashes.

Ironically, this summer's look seems to be more about coming across as done-down rather done-up, so the key to achieving this is embracing your skin and letting your features speak for themselves (or with a little help from a few products).

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