Friday, 18 June 2010

Go makeup-less with your natural makeup

Go makeup-less with your natural makeup
Posted by Tony Milner

For many, the ultimate natural makeup goal is to look like you're wearing no makeup (and are startlingly beautiful with or without) even when this is far from the truth.

Jasmine Antoinette, writing for the Epoch Times, explained that many women if they even dare to go bare, may end up looking slightly ill, but with know-how this can be avoided.

'When done right, however, it lends a polished, fresh, and healthy appearance. Bringing out your natural beauty is the goal, albeit using decidedly unnatural means to get it,' she mused.

Ms Antoinette explained that the basis of getting this look is to have a pristine skincare routine, suggesting the big three: cleanse, tone and moisturise as the best way for flawless skin.

Women who need it can use foundation – but only for those urgent areas and if necessary follow up with concealer that blends well over blemishes and under-eye marks and top off with a fine powder.

After that, the remainder of the natural makeup is up to you – whether mascara, nude lipsticks (which are all the rage on the red carpet) or eyeshadows.

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