Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Incorporate sunscreen into your natural makeup routine

Incorporate sunscreen into your natural makeup routine
Posted by Tony Milner

With the sun shining more frequently of late, it is now time for women to start considering their skin – mainly in the form of protecting themselves through their organic makeup.

As wonderful as a tan makes us feel, it is important that women do not go without that all important sunscreen, according to Annette Roetzer, an aesthetician at Ellicott Street's Fix Salon & Aesthetics.

Women have been warned not to attempt to substitute sunscreen for natural makeup with SPF, but instead the best way to incorporate protection into your routine is to simply use it as a moisturiser, she told Buffalo Rising.

'Make it a part of your morning routine by applying a layer of sunscreen under your foundation/concealer/powder,' she suggested.

Ms Roetzer also went on to say that women who tan easily, rather than burn, should still apply sunscreen as there is 'no such things as zero chance' of getting skin cancer, summing up by saying lower risk does not mean there is no risk.

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