Thursday, 24 June 2010

Is your natural makeup suffocating your beauty?

Is your natural makeup suffocating your beauty?
Posted by Alison Paquette

Women need to consider whether their natural makeup is becoming more of a mask than a beauty enhancement.

Alyssa Kolsky Hertzig, writing for the Allure Daily Beauty Reporter Blog, recently made reference to teenbopper Justin Bieber's statement where he said he doesn't like women who wear too much makeup, and blamed this on insecurity.

'But every time a male celebrity claims that he prefers a woman without makeup, we have to wonder: Does he even know the difference between minimal (or just well-applied) makeup and none?' she questioned.

Ms Hertzig's top tips to ensure natural makeup does not end up looking like it's been caked on were to exfoliate with a grainy scrub to help make the skin more naturally radiant.

Her final rule was that moisturiser should always go before foundation, particularly if you don't fancy investing in a primer.

Applying primer is said to hold in the moisture underneath foundation, so as to prevent it going crusty or dry.

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