Thursday, 17 June 2010

Is your natural makeup 'age-appropriate'?

Is your natural makeup
Posted by Tony Milner

Kim Cattrall's makeup artist recently made reference to wanting to make sure the star's look was age-appropriate, is this something many women consider their natural makeup look to be?

Samantha in Sex and the City has always been slighter older than the others, but one thing we love about her is her ability to still look gorgeous and have copious amounts of fun.

But have we ever stopped to consider whether her natural makeup reflects her age? In fact, the question could be, should her makeup reflect her age?

The star's makeup artist recently said: 'The inspiration for Samantha's look was Blondie and Madonna. I wanted to embrace her age, beauty and sexuality to create a look that was edgy but age-appropriate'.

Sam's look is focused on strong lip colour, teamed with light dewy skin, but unless all the colours in your natural makeup palette are Barbie shades, it seems hard to not wear something age-appropriate.

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