Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Learn to live with less natural makeup

Learn to live with less natural makeup
Posted by Maggie Morley

Women looking to avoid a natural makeup meltdown this summer should learn to live with less and downsize the number of products in their beauty essentials bag.

In a question and answer article in the Orlando Sentinel, Jean Petterson responded to a query about how to look professional when often natural makeup will melt in the heat.

For her, the answer was simple: 'Learn to live with less. Heavy makeup makes you sweat, which contributes to that melting feeling.'

Her top tips for downsizing and going for the 'less is more' look was to start by swapping heavy foundation for a tinted moisturiser with SPF –which in turn cuts out a number of layers – suncream, moisturiser, foundation and powder.

Top off the look with a few sweeps of bronzer (but not blusher as well) and swap lipstick for a light lip stain or lip gloss.

Other tips for melt proofing natural makeup include investing in waterproof eyeliner and mascara, which makes smearing less likely.

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