Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Natural beauty products: Embrace liquid liner

Natural beauty products: Embrace liquid liner
Posted by Tony Milner

Women considering recreating Katy Perry's recent look at the MTV Movie Awards (beauty rather than hair) should embrace liquid eyeliner, according to an expert.

Jake Bailey, who created the look for Katy, said because of the blue wig, the makeup needed to be nude, dramatic and glamorous for a polished, chic take on the classic cat eye.

He told Hollywood Life that women should not be afraid of using natural beauty products such as liquid eyeliner, as they can actually balance out a bold eye statement.

'I love liquid liner because it allows you to change the shape of an eye. We wanted to create a more almond shape for Katy,' he said.

He went on to say that women tend to be afraid to use liner in the inner eye but it actually balances out a dramatic eye look.

Katy recently caused a stir on the red carpet by donning a Cleopatra-style outfit, complete with hairstyle, dress and makeup to match.

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