Friday, 25 June 2010

Natural makeup is a way to 'accentuate'

Natural makeup is a way to
Posted by Annie Coyne

Star of Mission Impossible II and 2012 Thandie Newton has spoken about how natural makeup should be used simply to accentuate a woman's features.

The beautiful actress spoke to Stylist about her inner beauty, which apparently she is in abundance of (the writer Emma Smith noted), natural makeup routine and how she keeps herself looking her best and healthy.

When it comes to looking after her skin, she highlighted that loving your skin as much as you love your body is a key part of any beauty regime, which for her consists of good food and moisturiser.

With regards to natural makeup, she said: 'I think of makeup as an accessory, just as jewellery would be.'

'It's a way to accentuate the attributes you already have, after all.'

She went on to say that she is teaching her young children this, as her mother taught her when she was younger, adding that anyone who respects their body will be beautiful.

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