Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Natural makeup is 'personal'

Natural makeup is
Posted by Alison Paquette

Summer is a time when on-trend natural makeup shades can change every other day, but one makeup artist has urged women to only opt for the looks that they enjoy and can pull off.

International lead makeup artist, James Boehmer, explained to the Montreal Gazette that the catwalks and celebrities do not make strict rules that women need to follow, only guidelines that they can adapt to their own personal style.

'We don't dictate trends. Makeup is more personal,' he said.

Mr Boehmer, who is a big name behind the scenes at the NY Fashion Week, recommended multi-use natural makeup for the dewy look, suggesting colour sticks that can be used on the eyes, lips and cheeks as fast and foolproof, but again said this is not for everyone (including the writer of the article, Eva Friede).

Of the coral lips that took the catwalks by storm recently, he said: 'It's very user friendly to get on board that trend'.

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