Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Natural makeup should 'enhance not cover'

Natural makeup should
Posted by Tony Milner

Women should ensure their natural makeup enhances their features and does not swallow them up, according to an expert.

Chris Bailey, chief creative director at Burberry, has talked of his love for the English rose look – delicate organic makeup that emphasises a woman's best bits, whether it be structure, eyes, skin or lips.

'The Burberry girl wears just a trace of makeup — no crazy eyes or crazy lips ... Makeup should enhance women, not just cover up what they perceive as flaws,' he said.

He added that English women should articulate their character through their natural makeup, and said it is possible to create sexy, rebellious or sensual looks simply by applying the beauty essentials correctly.

The latest colours to be announced for autumn by Chanel will help women emphasise their eye colour dramatically – deep plums, khakis and chocolate greys, all of which will help to enhance any eye colour.

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