Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Natural skincare: Prep yourself for summer

Natural skincare: Prep yourself for summer
Posted by Tony Milner

With summer upon us and the UK throwing out some of the hottest weather of the year, now is the time to perfect your natural skincare routine and make for the beach to show yourself off.

Makeup artist Rafael Pita, writing for ASOS magazine, said there are a few secrets when it comes to getting the bikini body just right and it starts with the face.

'Start with a high-factor SPF and massage from the outside and face in. Foundations with SPF are great but not if you're swimming. Only powder the T-Zone if you really need it – you want a healthy shine,' he asserts.

In terms of natural skin care for the body, he suggests exfoliating with a cream scrub and body brush (use this before showering), as this will help to prolong the holiday glow and enhance the silhouette.

The last natural skincare tip is one that most women are aware of - top off the look with a brightly coloured nail polish, such as a fluorescent pink, which will help to enhance your beautifully tanned pins.

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