Thursday, 17 June 2010

Natural skincare: Self tanning

Natural skincare: Self tanning
Posted by Annie Coyne

One question that always looms over women heading on their holidays is whether to self-tan before they go, just to ensure that they're not completely colourless when they arrive.

There are some tips for those women who do invest in self-tan, and speaking to Buffalo Rising, two experts, Annette Roetzer an aesthetician at Ellicott Street's Fix Salon & Aesthetics and freelance makeup artist Katherine Lucas, have offered theirs.

The first of the self tanner does and don'ts came from Ms Roetzer, who said a golden glow always looks nice but be careful which product you choose. Always test an area of your skin first to see how it reacts.

Once you've established your product, Ms Lucas said: 'Self tanners work best when you prepare the skin with mild exfoliation and moisturising. In the shower, use a gentle exfoliator, apply and shower off.'

Women hoping to create a stir on the beach should consider investing a natural skincare shimmer spray, which helps to define and to create beautiful sun kissed skin.

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