Thursday, 10 June 2010

Organic body care: Lily Cole goes ethical

Organic body care: Lily Cole goes ethical
Posted by Allison Paquette

Lily Cole has to be the ultimate model icon; the star who graced the catwalks and magazines at just 16 is beautiful, a big believer in natural body care and even tries her hand at doing her bit for the environment.

She has just launched the search for a new supermodel for Storm, but took time out to tell Stylist why she is known as the 'ethical supermodel'.

The youngest model to ever grace a British Vogue front cover was very humble when talking to the magazine, explaining that she tries to do her bit for the environment, in between what must be an extremely busy schedule.

'It sometimes feels impossible to be entirely ethical but I support eco-charities and tree-planting charities and on a day-to-day level I try to do small things that help, like recycling,' she told the magazine.

She also recently told BANG Showbiz that her natural body care routine consists of exercise and healthy food, which ensures she stays happy.

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