Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Recreate Kristen Stewart's look with natural makeup

Recreate Kristen Stewart
Posted by Annie Coyne

Kristen Stewart can be somewhat of a hit-and-miss starlet – she can look radiant on occasions and washed out on others (think the gothic look with the black hair extensions), but at her latest bash her natural makeup was to die for.

At the Twilight: Eclipse premiere in New York on Monday she was sporting hair a few shades lighter than her usual dark brown or black and she wore phenomenal natural makeup that accentuated her striking green eyes.

The under-eyes were lined with a kohl dark grey liner, with the inner rims with black, lashings of mascara and the best bit – her lids were covered in what is a new innovative take on the smokey eye look – red and black.

Red was swept from the inside out along the bottom of the lid towards the lashes and then a smokey black took over up into a brown just under the eyebrows.

The Hollywood Life blog took note of her show-stopping natural makeup, saying: 'I love the combination of the black and red shadows. It's completely unexpected and edgy yet really beautiful at the same time.'

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