Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Swap Botox for natural skin care

Swap Botox for natural skin care
Posted by Alison Paquette

Young women considering Botox should instead turn to natural skin care routines and moisturisers to prevent the onset of wrinkles, a skincare expert has said.

Dr Sean Lanigan of sk:n said he has seen an increased demand for Botox in recent years following the rise of the celebrity culture, but explained that women who do not have wrinkles yet should stick to natural skin care.

'Simply using a moisturiser, ensuring that you carry out an effective skin routine and avoiding excess exposure to UV light by avoiding sunbeds or prolonged sunbathing can do far more to prevent the appearance of wrinkles,' he said.

Dr Lanigan added that the kind of imagery celebrities are creating is perpetuating a mentality that flawless skin is the only acceptable image to aim for.

Women were recently told by Bevis Man from the British Skin Foundation not to substitute sun cream for a moisturiser with SPF in their organic skin care routine, as it may not provide the right amount of protection.

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