Thursday, 24 June 2010

Top new natural makeup looks

Top new natural makeup looks
Posted by Tony Milner

The latest styles to hit the runways are all open for women at home to test out with natural makeup, according to a leading fashion website.

Allure has listed the top 11 natural makeup looks that can easily be achieved and require little effort or know-how, and these include metallic eyelids, (think pure gold) and warm cheeks achieved with a pink cream blush, for the 'Lolita glow'.

Next on the list is lipstick, from moisturised nude to light demure pink to flaming red or blazing orange, in contrast to previous makeup artists' recommendations of going neon.

'Every woman is a mere two lipstick swipes away from sexpot. The key is getting the shade right—too red spells harlot, too orange is plain [ugly]. Try mixing shades,' the site recommends.

Bringing up the rear in the try-at-home creations, winged eyeliner was tipped as a showstopper, something that will immediately take the heat away from the rest of the face.

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