Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Try a mini facelift with natural beauty products

Try a mini facelift with natural beauty products
Posted by Tony Milner

Women desperate to look younger but not prepared to go under the knife should try using their natural beauty products to give them the skin of a youngster.

According to a number of natural makeup artists who offered tips to Seattle Pi, there are strategic ways of uplifting your face without opting for invasive treatments that can cost the earth.

Antonio-based celeb makeup expert Starley Murray recommended using bronzer and starting at the upper cheekbone by the hairline and moving in horizontally towards the centre of the face.

'You'll be thrilled to see the difference when your blush is darkest at the hairline and faded at the apples, instead of vice versa, because it's more youthful,' she said to the news provider.

Other top tips included going for luminous look by checking your facial dark spots by smiling in the mirror, and then dabbing white shimmery eye shadow on them and blending if necessary.

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