Friday, 30 July 2010

Natural beauty tips for younger skin

Natural beauty tips for younger skin
Posted by Tony Milner

For younger women getting to know the best natural beauty routine for you can a difficult task, some products can be too harsh and some makeup products can smother your natural beauty.

According to Style Bistro, youthful faces are 'beautiful' and there is no reason to wear 'old woman makeup' – for early teens, it recommends clear mascara and lip gloss in candy colours, while in the late teens light powder and brown mascara is about right.

For those of you in your 20s, the writers have picked you as spending much of your time partying, more than you are sleeping so make sure to take care of your skin to keep that natural beauty in sight!

'Have fun with makeup and experiment with different looks. But remember, use makeup with SPF daily, moisturize and wash your face before hitting the hay,' the website asserts.

Young ladies will be happy to know that less is now officially more – makeup and skin care are 'morphing in to one, according to ASOS – where tinted moisturisers and foundation is a match made in heaven.

Latest organic hair styling trends: The bun

Latest organic hair styling trends: The bun
Posted by Maggie Morley

This summer is all about the bun it seems, Eva Mendes has been spotted sported a top knot that left us all green with envy and reaching for the natural hair care products and now the likes of Prada are showing us how it's done.

ASOS reported that the fashion giant alongside Lanvin both showcased buns with an angular and distinctive edge, where hair was slicked back high on top of the head and secured with a thick black band.

Whereas for the day time, middle partings with long sweeping locks are very much on trend, for the evening this look is a must-have.

'Simple, perhaps, but also timely – the season's slick tailoring looks the business with straight-talking hair,' the magazine asserted.

This look will look great, but only when you're natural beauty is in place – the nude look with lashings of mascara will ensure the emphasis stays on your perfectly styled hair.

Latest organic hair styling look

Posted by Maggie Morley

Beautiful actress Eva Mendes is set to cause a new organic hair styling craze after she revealed her latest updo at a recent red carpet event.

She sported a gorgeous top knot with a fringe sweeping across her forehead, which is the perfect look for summer – easy to create, guaranteed to stay in place all evening and it will keep hair off the back of your neck on warm evenings.

Celebrity hairdresser Andrew Barton told Showbiz how to recreate the natural hair styling look, stating: It's perfect for adding height to a small frame and small face-shape as it elongates the jaw and neckline.'

He explained that the hair should be blow dried and swept into a high ponytail, then split into four sections.

These should each be backcombed once with a small bristle hair comb, smooth the surface and wrap the hair around the base of the pony to create a circular mound of hair and secure with Kirby grips.

Team with the nude look for understated chic that is bang on trend.

Megan Fox shows the benefits of natural skincare

Megan Fox shows the benefits of natural skincare
Posted by Alison Paquette

On one of the world's best looking women, Megan Fox, has stepped out and has shown the world just how much natural beauty she possesses, without makeup.

The star of Transformers and Jennifer's Body strolled leisurely with her new husband Brian Green recently and her hair looked particularly healthy worn straight and loose in a scruffy sort of way.

It can be unusual to see such a famous A-lister bare-faced, but the glimpse will be refreshing for many women across the globe and may even give them the inspiration they need to take the bold step of going makeup free themselves.

Needless to say, even without a scrap of makeup, it wasn't difficult to see why Ms Fox is regularly voted the world's sexiest female.

Clad in a bright green short t-shirt and blue skinny jeans, she was the image of what we know as 'fresh faced', showing the women of the world just what can be achieved with a healthy natural makeup routine.ADNFCR-2885-ID-19914476-ADNFCR

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Maintain your natural hair dye colour

Maintain your natural hair dye colour
Posted by Annie Coyne

Many women eventually find the perfect natural hair dye shade that have been searching for, but maintain that healthy colour is another matter.

Products can strip the hair down and leave your locks looking lacklustre, but celebrity stylist Riccardo Maggiore, who has worked with Brooke Shields, Helena Christensen and Sarah Jessica Parker, has offered some tips to on how to prevent this.

'Avoid daily shampooing in the summer which not dries out your hair (especially if you’re out in the sun a lot), but really makes your colour fade faster,' he said to the news provider.

To ensure hair does not end up looking greasy he suggested investing in a dry shampoo and use on the roots, but warned that heat tools will do damage and though heat protection sprays are a must, it is best to steer clear as much as possible.

For those of you consider going for the wilder option of red, like Rihanna, Sharon Osbourne and Kristen Stewart, maintain your natural hair dye shade with weekly or bi-weekly gloss treatment.ADNFCR-2885-ID-19912690-ADNFCR

Natural makeup masterclass: Lips

Natural makeup masterclass: Lips
Posted by Tony Milner

Many lips dismiss lipstick as something you just throw on as you're running out of the door, but according to one expert, your whole look can be underpinned by the way you apply it.

Catwalk makeup artist Alex Box spoke to ASOS recently about how to create the perfect pout and the first step is to use a lip liner a tone darker than your lipstick shade or in the same shade to add definition.

'For a fuller appearance don't draw liner outside your entire lip, just widen the middle of your top and bottom lips,' he asserted to the news provider.

Mr Box added that feathering or smudging tends to occur when your lips are too dry and to prevent this from happening to moisturise first and for durability apply concealer and then dry powder.

Use these steps to create the latest trend, which is somewhat of an eternal one –blood red lips – which, according to the magazine, is all about creating lips that look as though they've been dipped in nail polish.ADNFCR-2885-ID-19912685-ADNFCR

Makeup and natural skincare are "morphing"

Makeup and natural skincare are "morphing"
Posted by Felicia Cardinal

The nude/natural look has been all over the catwalk and red carpet of late but according to the experts, the latest way to achieve this is so start blending your natural skincare and makeup together.

Catwalk make-up artists Terry Barber and Tom Pecheux believe that the best way to achieve invisible makeup is not by ditching all your beauty essentials, but simply by mixing them to create one altogether more delicate one.

'It's OK to be natural, as long as skin is super conditioned. Think polished, buffed and well moisturised,' Mr Baber said.

'For the first time we're seeing skincare and make-up morphing into one.'

Tips on how to add this to your natural skincare routine is by investing in a highlighter with tinted moisturiser or mixed with foundation and swapping coloured eyeshadow for peaches.

Use this is a base for your other dabbles with the latest trends – whether it's the smoky eye or the blood red lips.ADNFCR-2885-ID-19912678-ADNFCR

Natural beauty news: Rose effective for anti ageing

Natural beauty news: Rose effective for anti ageing
Rose is a natural beauty product that could signify many benefits to women, according to an industry expert.

Camille Goutal, the daughter of world-renowned French perfumer Annick Goutal, spoke to Stylist about why we should be turning to the red flowers for better-looking skin and the feel-good factor.

'We've always known rose extracts are therapeutic – they have a 1,000 year-plus history for a start,' she said, adding that her mother used roses for fragrance, rose oil in her bath and rose serum on her face.

Miss Goutal continued, stating that scientists have found face creams containing rose oils have been proven to reduce wrinkles and improve skin brightness, whereas other studies have found it to be great for stressed-out skin.

English ivy was recently found to have properties suitable for natural sunscreen use – as it soaks up light effectively and may solve the previous issues with other sunscreens containing metal-based particles.ADNFCR-2885-ID-19912517-ADNFCR

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Natural hair care: Scarlett Johansson sports bob

Natural hair care: Scarlett Johansson sports bob
Posted by Felicia Cardinal

Women looking for a new hair style to show off their natural hair shade could look to Scarlett Johansson's take on the tousled bob.

The star of The Other Boleyn Girl and Iron Man 2, who is becoming somewhat of a leading authority in the trend stakes over the years, previously admitted that she loves to 'play' her hair, alternating her looks and hair colours.

This love of swapping and changing seemed apparent last weekend, when she stepped put at the Comic-Con convention in San Diego, with a mid-length, golden bob that was very loosely curled and gave the 'do more volume.

US news provider, People, said: 'Always one to turn up the glamour factor, Scarlett gave the new do a little rock 'n' roll attitude with some rough tousling,' adding that while the writers have been loving the stars long waves, they like to see her switch up her style.

'Have fun' with natural makeup

Women are constantly being told about the latest beauty trends or the natural makeup style that's a 'must-have', but they should just spend some time having fun with their cosmetics to find the style that suits them best, according to a beauty commentator.

An article on Seer Press explained that all the best makeup artists play around with different colours, looks and natural makeup products, and so should you.

It added that in order to get an overall theme that you love and look good in, it's all about experimenting with new products, techniques and trying out new shades.

'The truth is, the best makeup discoveries often happen by accident, when a girl tries new combinations, mixing and matching her makeup for a new look,' the website asserts.

For those you fashionistas, the top trends when it comes to eye makeup are currently metallic, pastels (that work great with a tan) and bright shades such as blues and oranges.

Natural makeup tips: Combine a tan with pastels

Natural makeup tips: Combine a tan with pastels
Posted by Tony Milner

The top shade for natural makeup fans this summer is pastels, according to a celebrity makeup artist.

Ariane Poole, who has worked with the likes of Penelope Cruz, Catherine Zeta Jones, Uma Thurman and Yasmin Le Bon, explained that for those of you with a tan, pastels are the way forward.

'They aren't really the colours you would normally think to put with a tan, but a lot of the designers were mixing those kind of shades together and they are kind of quirky but they really do work,' she explained.

Ms Poole recommended sheer rather opaque when it comes to purchasing natural makeup products and for colours, look to mint greens, lilacs and peachy pink tones.

Vogue has already demonstrated what can be done with pastels, with sugary shades such as baby blue, pastel pink and pale yellows taking precedent in their spring/summer 2010 trend report.

Other shades that can work wonders with a tan are metallics – consider bronzes and steel greys.ADNFCR-2885-ID-19910699-ADNFCR

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Use natural hair dyes to complement straight locks

Use natural hair dyes to complement straight locks
Posted by Maggie Morley

Fans of natural hair dyes have been told that this autumn's trend will be straight locks, moving away from the tousled, air-dried beach waves look.

Ted Gibson, a haircare styling expert, told that the straightened will be 'making a comeback' towards the end of this year.

He illustrated this point by picking out designs which he created for the Vena Cava and J Mendel autumn shows as evidence of how the trend will go with some of autumn's fashion picks.

'To maintain movement and volume, iron more hair at a time, versus less. The finer the sections, the flatter your results will be,' stated Mr Gibson.

His words were backed up by hairdresser Garren, who chose the straightened look, which could be coupled with natural hair dyes, for Anna Sui's recent fall collection photo shoot.

It recommended creating a centre parting first, before drying the hair and then using a pressing iron to straighten it into position.

One star who recently showed off the straight hair trend was Amber le Bon, who was pictured at a Cartier International Polo event last weekendADNFCR-2885-ID-19908797-ADNFCR

Monday, 26 July 2010

Natural skin care products 'better than alkaline soaps'

Natural skin care products
Posted by Felicia Cardinal

Natural skin care products that do not expose the wearer to alkaline substances are the best way to look your best, an expert has suggested.

Remmy Diagbare, writing for the Vanguard, has highlighted the fact that many soaps contain these ingredients, which can actually strip away the skin's acid mantle.

She said that this could have serious effects, as it is this which keeps the skin from drying out.

'The acid mantle is very delicate and soap completely removes it, meaning that now your skin needs to make itself a new one,' she explained.

Ms Diagbare emphasised the fact that this can take up to eight hours to accomplish, but can drain a lot from the skin, which emphasises the importance of obtaining a good natural skin care product such as cleanser.

Earlier this month, Yan Wang, writing for CBS News, recently claimed that parents should make sure that they teach their children good natural skin care routines.ADNFCR-2885-ID-19906894-ADNFCR

Friday, 23 July 2010

Organic makeup 'can reduce exposure to chemicals'

Organic makeup
Posted by Maggie Morley

The ingredients hidden in cosmetics could be enough to shock users, a writer has claimed, highlighting the benefits of organic makeup.

Annie Leonard, author of The Story of Cosmetics: The Ugly Truth of Toxins In, Toxins Out, has highlighted the fact that many products contain dangerous chemicals and that regular use could add up to a significant exposure, the Daily News has reported.

According to the news provider, chemicals in lipsticks, sunscreens and shampoos have been linked to everything from asthma and allergies to hormone disruption.

It stated: 'Cosmetics might make people look more attractive, but the ingredients in many personal care products don't add up to a very pretty picture.'

Stacy Malkan, co-founder of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, told the news provider that the average US woman exposes herself to 180 chemicals each day from soaps, fragrances, hair products, face creams and make up.

Earlier this month,'s Marieve Inoue advised women to tailor their organic makeup to the seasons, trading foundation for tinted moisturiser.ADNFCR-2885-ID-19905143-ADNFCR

Thursday, 22 July 2010

1980s-inspired natural makeup 'will be big this season'

1980s-inspired natural makeup
Posted by Allison Paquette

Those looking for the latest trends should use their natural makeup for styles inspired by 1980s fashion, an expert has suggested.

Diane Aiello, beauty expert and owner of Glam Lounge Makeup Artists, has told that the lips are a great area to start with replicating this look.

She suggested using matte shades of pink lipstick, although it is important not to pair this with bright eye shadow that can create the 'clownish makeup' which sometimes characterised the decade.

Instead, she advises pairing it with neutral eye shadow shades for a much more restrained look.

Ms Aiello added: 'But if you still want that high impact statement, top your lipstick off with a super shiny matching or clear gloss.'

Earlier this month, the Collective Review suggested that vibrant and out-there colours will be a key natural makeup trend this season, with designers ranging from Christian Dior to Dolce and Gabbana ratcheting up the brightness on the catwalks.ADNFCR-2885-ID-19902852-ADNFCR

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Parents 'should teach children good natural skin care routines'

Posted by Tony Milner

Parents can instil a good skincare routine in their daughters from a young age and should encourage them to use natural skin care products, a commentator has suggested.

Yan Wang, writing for CBS News, stated that many teenage girls have great skin and do not require foundation and instead advised using a tinted moisturiser.

She suggested that this would help keep the skin looking radiant and young, evening out the skin tone and avoiding those products which are too heavy.

Another benefit that this type of natural skin care product has is that it has a skin protection factor and so can protect the wearer from the effects of the sun.

When it comes to lipstick, the commentator also claimed that it is worth using minimal coverage on the lips.

She said: 'When it comes to the mouth, natural is better, so typically a nice coat of chap stick should do. If that's just not enough to satisfy them, gloss is popular.'

Earlier this month, Seattle plastic surgeon Dr Wandra Miles emphasised the importance of developing a consistent natural skin care routine.ADNFCR-2885-ID-19900407-ADNFCR

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Organic makeup 'should be tailored to the season'

Organic makeup
Posted by Annie Coyne

Organic makeup fans should update their collection for the summer as the warmer weather requires a different range of products and techniques, an expert has claimed.

Marieve Inoue, writing for, has advised women to trade in their foundation for a tinted moisturiser that is less intense. She claimed that this would avoid the caked-on appearance that can sometimes be a problem during the summer and instead provide a lighter coverage.

She also suggested using a waterproof mascara on warmer days as this can be particularly good for lower lashes during the hottest of the weather.

An eyelid primer and skipping the blusher can also be useful adaptations to make while preparing for a day out enjoying the sun.

Ms Inoue added: 'To ensure your look stays intact, the final step is to spray on a makeup sealer. A thermal water spray can easily do the trick, and is uber-refreshing, too!'

Those who want their skin to look its best during the summer months should also take Mally Roncal's advice to Allure Magazine, which suggested that natural beauty products can be a great way to keep it looking fresh.ADNFCR-2885-ID-19898391-ADNFCR

Monday, 19 July 2010

Is the undercut the latest natural hair styling 'do?

Is the undercut the latest natural hair styling
Posted by Tony Milner

One of the latest rising trends in the natural hair styling world is apparently the under cut – think Sarah Harding, Amelle from the Sugababes and this is a style that will suit only the hippest of fashionistas, according to an expert.

Jason Cocking, director of Lisa Shepherd London, told This Is London that the current fashion trends have made what was originally a more indie, underground look commercially popular.

'The reason it has become so popular is because an undercut feels individual and makes you believe you've got something different,' he said.

Ten Years Younger expert Lisa Shepherd added that the natural hair styling look is now looser than the original version, as it is a loose and longer, more graduated look and said it can be beautiful, if done well.

Other short on-trend natural hair styling cuts include the summer crop, which has been endorsed by Hayden Panettiere and Michelle Williams and could easily have an undercut incorporated into it for an uber-cool look.ADNFCR-2885-ID-19896322-ADNFCR

Apply natural makeup like Audrina Patridge

Tips from Audrina Patridge
Posted by Alison Paquette

The Hills star Audrina Patridge was at the TV show's series finale party in LA recently and was spotted looking particularly gorgeous and with her natural makeup applied to perfection.

Joanne Schlip, the women behind the look, spoke to the Hollywood Life blog about how she managed to create the perfectly bronzed, fresh style.

She explained that the look is ideal for the summer and the weekend because it is polished and not one feature is overpowering, but there is emphasis on the eyes which are the star's best feature.

'For the face, you'll notice Audrina's T-zone is completely matte which is very important when applying shimmer to the face,' Joanna said.
'I highlighted the cheek bone, brow bone, tip of the nose and inner eye.'

Ms Schlip said she used a bronze and a green eyeshadow, smudged them and kept the golden neutrals on the outer portion of the eyes.

Patridge will be appearing as the face of Bongo jeans, following in the footsteps of Kim Kardashian and Nicole Richie.ADNFCR-2885-ID-19896319-ADNFCR

Latest styles to accentuate organic hair dyes

Latest styles to accentuate organic hair dyes
Posted by Maggie Morley

We have seen a number of different hair styles rise up in fashion over the last few weeks, from the tousled look to the summer crop and the red organic hair dye trend.

The latest addition to the list is the quiff – trend-setter Scarlett Johansson has been spotted out and about with the age-old fashion staple – followed by Marion Cotillard and Hayden Panettiere to name but a few.

There is a variety of different takes on offer for those considering the look, from Jaime Winston's side twist to Hayden's scruffy style.
Elle reported on the surge, saying: 'A quiff screams effortless cool and is surprisingly easy to achieve'.

Celebrity hair stylist Adam Reed advised natural hair dye fans to achieve new heights with the quiff by back combing the roots, or for those with fine hair to crimp the root area and pull a smooth section over the front.

Women's natural skin care 'at its best at 31'

Posted by Alison Paquette

A new natural beauty products study has found that women are perceived to look their best when at the age of 31.

The research, commissioned by shopping channel QVC, polled 2,000 people and also found that the reasons behind the age choice are that though many women have had children at this age, they have more youthful beauty, more confidence and a better sense of style.

It was also found that more than half of the women surveyed agreed that as they have aged they have shed their insecurities and embraced their natural skin care and 55 per cent felt that they knew their makeup choices better.

When asked as to what constitutes as making a woman attractive, 70 per cent of respondents cited confidence, while 67 per cent stated physical natural beauty and 47 per cent said style.

Julia Roberts, who is now in her 40's, recently told Female First that she is happier in her own skin than ever before and is finding joy at taking up modelling at her age.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Natural hair care: Tips for healthy locks

Natural hair care: Tips for healthy locks
Posted by Felicia Cardinal

Women need to ensure that they are caring for their hair properly, or even the best styles will be lost on them, according to a top hair stylist.

Ben Skervin, who has worked with the Spice Girls, Ricky Martin and the Oscars, recently spoke to Ahlan Live about what things women should ensure they are doing on a daily basis to ensure their hair is always looked after.

'First off I'd say start at the foundation. A healthy scalp means that the hair growing out will be healthier,' he asserted to the news provider.

Mr Skervin added that women need to be gentle with the hair when they're drying it otherwise they risk damaging it and when it comes to heat styling, protective sprays are a must.

His final tip was to avoid natural hair care fixatives, suggesting a light serum which helps to look after the hair from the base.

Some of the top styling looks for this season include the tousled look, the quiff and the summer crop.

Natural skincare: Debenhams launches tan chart

Natural skincare: Debenhams launches tan chart
Posted by Alison Paquette

Debenhams has come to the aid of natural skincare fans across the country by installing their Tan Tone Colour Chart to help fellow fake tanners avoid messes like those of Cheryl Cole and Katie Price.

The chart will be available in all stores and the degrees range from Pale and Interesting to Radioactive Orange to help women get to grips with which natural skincare shade they should be.

Sara Stern, director of beauty at Debenhams said the bronzed look is a key trend for this summer, but many women (an astonishing 70 per cent) are getting their fake tan escapades wrong, with masses applying too much product or topping up too often.

'This one-of-a-kind chart is the first on the high street and is available in our Beauty Halls nationwide to encourage a healthy glow, whilst avoiding the dreaded orange.'

Meanwhile, orange has been said to be the 'fantabulous' shade for summer by the Daily Venus Diva – however this applies to eye shadow rather than natural skincare.

Lily Allen embraces natural body care

Lily Allen embraces natural body care
Posted by Tony Milner

Singer Lily Allen has been known to have fluctuating weight issues, but the star has finally explained that she is learning to love her curves and has embraced natural body care.

The lady from London who shot to fame with songs Smile and The Fear said she now knows how to dress according to her size and it is a case of realising what compliments your shape and what doesn't.

Ms Allen admitted that she doesn't have a model's body, so she wears what she can work with and women debating over their natural body care techniques should take note of this as inspiration.

She told Elle that women should consider themselves when they go on a night out: 'Spend more money on make-up and getting your hair done, but don't go too styled. Wear something that you feel comfortable in - maybe a floaty dress in a beautiful fabric - and can dance easily in.'

Meanwhile, Julia Roberts recently told Female First that she has finally learned to love the way she looks and is finding joy at modelling in her 40s.

Use your natural makeup like a Frenchwoman

Use your natural makeup like a Frenchwoman
Posted by Felicia Cardinal

Women have been advised to use their natural makeup more like a Frenchwoman, something which will help them to age better and look their best at all times.

An article on the New York Times website explains that the French are ironically attractive and beautiful and one way they achieve this is by 'keeping it natural' – rather than emphasizing their wrinkles and pores with heavy makeup, they only use blush, mascara and lip colour.

'Frenchwomen are more elegant, more aware of their femininity,' Dr Michel Soussaline, a Parisian plastic surgeon, told the news provider. 'They simply take care of themselves better.'

Women were also told to add cold-water rinses to their natural makeup regime as it reportedly improves circulation and when it comes to healthy eating the French shun processed foods and only eat fresh, especially fruit and vegetables in small portions.

Meanwhile, those considering opting for fake tan this summer will be pleased to hear Debenhams are offering guidance in the form of a Tan Tone Chart – which starts at pale and interesting to radioactive orange.