Wednesday, 28 July 2010

'Have fun' with natural makeup

Women are constantly being told about the latest beauty trends or the natural makeup style that's a 'must-have', but they should just spend some time having fun with their cosmetics to find the style that suits them best, according to a beauty commentator.

An article on Seer Press explained that all the best makeup artists play around with different colours, looks and natural makeup products, and so should you.

It added that in order to get an overall theme that you love and look good in, it's all about experimenting with new products, techniques and trying out new shades.

'The truth is, the best makeup discoveries often happen by accident, when a girl tries new combinations, mixing and matching her makeup for a new look,' the website asserts.

For those you fashionistas, the top trends when it comes to eye makeup are currently metallic, pastels (that work great with a tan) and bright shades such as blues and oranges.

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