Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Help your natural makeup stay put this summer

Help your natural makeup stay put this summer
Posted By Tony Milner

The summer heat can have a severe effect on our natural makeup – whether it's melting, feathering, creasing or slipping.

However make-up artist Carrie Brescia offered her top tips to the Philly Mag on how to ensure that your natural makeup stays exactly where it should be this summer.

To stop the lips from feathering, she recommended applying a small amount of concealer to dry lips, followed by a loose powder and then to line round the edges and fill in the middle with colour.

'If you find that your eye shadow streaks and moves in the heat put a small amount of concealer on your lid … blend well, and top with powder eye shadow,' she asserted to the news provider.

For the face, she explained that whenever you mix creamy natural makeup with power textures underneath, the two will bond together for all-day beauty.

Other tips for a non-slip summer include water resistant eyeliner and mascaras and a sun-resistant foundation, according to Rochelle Rae, a beauty expert speaking to New 8 Austin.

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