Friday, 16 July 2010

Lily Allen embraces natural body care

Lily Allen embraces natural body care
Posted by Tony Milner

Singer Lily Allen has been known to have fluctuating weight issues, but the star has finally explained that she is learning to love her curves and has embraced natural body care.

The lady from London who shot to fame with songs Smile and The Fear said she now knows how to dress according to her size and it is a case of realising what compliments your shape and what doesn't.

Ms Allen admitted that she doesn't have a model's body, so she wears what she can work with and women debating over their natural body care techniques should take note of this as inspiration.

She told Elle that women should consider themselves when they go on a night out: 'Spend more money on make-up and getting your hair done, but don't go too styled. Wear something that you feel comfortable in - maybe a floaty dress in a beautiful fabric - and can dance easily in.'

Meanwhile, Julia Roberts recently told Female First that she has finally learned to love the way she looks and is finding joy at modelling in her 40s.

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