Friday, 30 July 2010

Natural beauty tips for younger skin

Natural beauty tips for younger skin
Posted by Tony Milner

For younger women getting to know the best natural beauty routine for you can a difficult task, some products can be too harsh and some makeup products can smother your natural beauty.

According to Style Bistro, youthful faces are 'beautiful' and there is no reason to wear 'old woman makeup' – for early teens, it recommends clear mascara and lip gloss in candy colours, while in the late teens light powder and brown mascara is about right.

For those of you in your 20s, the writers have picked you as spending much of your time partying, more than you are sleeping so make sure to take care of your skin to keep that natural beauty in sight!

'Have fun with makeup and experiment with different looks. But remember, use makeup with SPF daily, moisturize and wash your face before hitting the hay,' the website asserts.

Young ladies will be happy to know that less is now officially more – makeup and skin care are 'morphing in to one, according to ASOS – where tinted moisturisers and foundation is a match made in heaven.

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