Thursday, 1 July 2010

Natural hair care: The healthier the better

Natural hair care: The healthier the better
Posted by Tony Milner

Women looking to natural hair styling products to combat the signs of ageing should spend extra time moisturising or conditioning their hair, according to an expert.

Tony Maleedy, a trichologist writing for Elle, recommended natural hair styling fans think of conditioning their hair the same as they do moisturising their face with top products – it deserves only the best.

'Look for conditioners rich in vegetable oils such as olive and avocado, these can help to protect the hair and prevent the signs of ageing,' he suggested.

Mr Maleedy went on to say that women should invest in a good hair mask and the best ingredients to look for include proteins and amino acids, as these have 'excellent' effects on the hair by reducing hair ageing damage.

Women considering testing out the latest catwalk styles with their newly-revitalised tresses should focus on the likes of Gucci, DKNY and Emanuel Ungaro and their slicked-back locks.

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