Friday, 16 July 2010

Natural hair care: Tips for healthy locks

Natural hair care: Tips for healthy locks
Posted by Felicia Cardinal

Women need to ensure that they are caring for their hair properly, or even the best styles will be lost on them, according to a top hair stylist.

Ben Skervin, who has worked with the Spice Girls, Ricky Martin and the Oscars, recently spoke to Ahlan Live about what things women should ensure they are doing on a daily basis to ensure their hair is always looked after.

'First off I'd say start at the foundation. A healthy scalp means that the hair growing out will be healthier,' he asserted to the news provider.

Mr Skervin added that women need to be gentle with the hair when they're drying it otherwise they risk damaging it and when it comes to heat styling, protective sprays are a must.

His final tip was to avoid natural hair care fixatives, suggesting a light serum which helps to look after the hair from the base.

Some of the top styling looks for this season include the tousled look, the quiff and the summer crop.

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