Monday, 5 July 2010

Natural hair dye shades: Red

Natural hair dye shades: Red
Posted by Alison Paquette

Red seems to be the latest hair colour to take the red carpet by storm and this may be of interest to women looking to enhance their hair with a natural hair dye.

Stars such as Rihanna and Sharon Osbourne have been spotted out and about with shocking and vibrant red hair, something which may be difficult for many women to pull off.

However, a more feasible version is Kristen Stewart and Eva Longoria's red tints – which would work perfectly for women with brown or blonde hair looking for a red tint to add some extra jazz to their summer style.

Christina Aguilera showed what blondes can do to with the natural hair dye bottle, opting for a pale red tinge to her usually peroxide blonde locks, whereas Scarlett Johansson went for a deep burgundy/ cherry shade in the latest Iron Man 2 flick.

Both Eva and Kristen opted for the new shade as part of their upcoming roles for the big screen.

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