Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Natural makeup: The secrets of Queen Latifah's image.

Natural makeup: The secrets of Queen Latifah
Makeup artist D'Andre Michael has revealed how women can imitate Queen Latifah using natural cosmetics, by revealing how he crafted her look for the BET awards.

Talking to Access Holllywood, Mr Michael, who has also worked with Mary J. Blige, Natalie Cole and Lil' Kim, said he wanted to use a feathery, smokey eye with nude lips and bronze skin.

'I wanted a classy smoldering look for her makeup. With several costume changes and three glam changes, I wanted to create a look that was suitable for those choices.'

The idea for using nude was that that Queen Latifah's eyes would stand out, while a subtle shade of blusher would add just a small amount of colour and tone to accentuate Queen Latifah's cheekbones, which Mr Michael called 'beautiful'.

In order to intensify the look around the eyes, Queen Latfah's eyeliner was smudged to create an intense and smouldering look.

This look is in stark contrast to Christina Aguilera, who has recently been seen out without any natural makeup at all. Miss Aguilera reportedly visited a beauty salon and ditched her usual, red tinted lips for some makeup-free time.

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