Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Natural skincare routines 'should be consistent'

Natural skincare routines
Posted by Annie Coyne

Women have been told to ensure that their natural skincare routine is one that is consistent and effective to help them maintain their youthful looks.

Dr Wandra Miles, a plastic surgeon from Seattle, explained that while she does perform face lifts and eyelid surgery, there is no substitute for looking after your skin in the best possible way.

'Skin care is absolutely essential, especially with all the environmental hazards we encounter living in a major city,' she said.
'Keeping your skin looking younger and smoother doesn't have to be difficult.'

Dr Miles also added that women should take steps to implement sun creams into their natural skincare routine as UV rays can do severe damage to skin and speed up the ageing process.

Women were recently told by David Bank, a dermatologist in New York who spoke to The Province, that they should be exfoliating up to three days a week to ensure their skin is regenerating.

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