Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Natural skincare: Tips for superb looking skin

Natural skincare: Tips for superb looking skin
Several makeup artists have revealed ways women can keep their skin feeling fresh and looking great using natural beauty products.

A rich body cream ensures soft skin, ideally something so thick that 'if you turn the jar upside down, it should not budge', according to Mally Roncal, speaking to Allure Magazine, along with a number of other makeup artists.

Highlighter is another cosmetic that can be used to give glowing skin. Jillian Dempsey said: 'Try a luminising stick, run it lightly down the shinbones and over the tops of the feet, then rub it in well.'

Makeup artists also recommend exfoliating with a sugar scrub rather than other forms of this product, as these are usually especially gentle on the skin.

Beth Janes, writing for The Province, also recently recommended exfoliating up to three times a week but explained that women should also be changing their natural skincare routine to reflect the seasons by reducing the oil for summer and going creamier for winter.

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