Monday, 16 August 2010

Autumn transition 'should herald a lighter foundation'

Lighter foundation is a key buy for autumn
Posted by Felicia Cardinal

The transition to autumn should see natural makeup fans opting for a foundation that is far less heavy than they are used to, an expert has advised.

Karen Loraine, founder of The Makeup Box, has advised shoppers to choose one that is light to the touch to really welcome in the new season.

She said that other characteristics that will mark out a top-quality natural makeup product of this type will be the fact that it looks realistic and that it is durable enough to last the whole day.

'As your summer tan begins to fade, adjust your foundation base a shade or two lighter,' she suggested.

Another key tip Ms Loraine highlighted is to replace one's bronzer with a warm, rose blusher that really gives skin a 'healthy winter glow'.

A second natural makeup look that is set to be big this season will be contrasting a naked face with bright red lips, Grazia has suggested.

Peter Philips, the makeup artist behind The Chanel Couture show, used this look on the models.

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