Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Natural body care: Embrace your curves

Natural body care: Embrace your curves
Posted by Maggie Morley

When it comes to our figures, many women believe that thinner is better, but the women of hit TV show Mad Men are proving that natural body care and embracing your curves is the best way to feel good about yourself.

Kim Conte, writing for The Stir, has taken note of Christina Hendricks, January Jones and Elisabeth Moss from the series for giving us inspiration and praises them for reminding us how attractive it is when we simply exercise and eat healthily.

Ms Hendricks, at a size 14, who plays Joan Harris, was recently said to have the perfect figure by equalities minister Lynne Featherstone.

'Hendricks - and her fabulously feminine figure - was one of the first celebs of late to remind us just how sexy healthy curves can be,' she stated, adding that it is 'refreshing' to see mega-famous stars rebelling against the notion that actresses must be 'starving waifs'.

Ms Conte goes on to say that not only have all three women got beautiful bodies, but good posture, muscle tone, great hair and a healthy glow, which could be all down to natural body care.

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